How To Grow Your Local Bar/Lounge With SEO


Growing any business online can be a difficult task, to say the least. However, if you are a local bar that is needing to get more butts in the seats then SEO can help you do just that. Most people are using Google to find the nearest bar or lounge using their computer or mobile device. In fact, mobile searches now account for approximately 66% of searches. This is huge potential to get those people searching for a place to hang out, meet new people and of course drink some beer. Let’s say you live in the pacific northwest in cities such as Seattle or Portland. You could rank your website for terms such as “best local bar in seattle” or “best local bar in Portland” and this could bring in a flood of new people. Google gives credit to those websites that are the most authoritative and trustworthy and they measure this through a myriad of factors.  With some proper adjustments to your on-page and off-page optimization, you can easily rank for those terms.

How Can I Rank For The Best Terms?

In order to maximize your energy and investment into SEO, I recommend you work with an agency that can get you the results quick. They often will charge a premium, however believe me when I say “it’s worth every penny.” Some local businesses don’t see the value in SEO services and think they can just get by with word of mouth advertising or other places such as yelp or The truth is yes you can get some new customers from those however with SEO you could get 10X more people. These people would be highly targeted because they typed in exactly what they are looking for and when your website shows up at the top they are going to check you out. If your bar or lounge is in the Seattle or Portland area then I recommend working with a Seattle SEO expert or a Portland SEO expert. Either one will work fine just make sure you do your research.